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Summer is here.  Windows are open.  The whole neighborhood hears every scream, every yell and every attempt to discipline and moment of loss of parental control.   But there will be a reprise in a few weeks and I can’t wait.

You stand outside our house, you will hear: “No!”  “Leave your brother alone!”  “What could your younger brother have done to deserve that?”  Can you guys go just one day without fighting?”   “Was that really necessary?”    “You could have hurt him!”  “Your older brother was just going to give you a hug … why did you slam your head into his gut?”

Our eleven year old son, JJ, carefully choreographs his every move.  He doesn’t miss an opportunity to whack, smack, trip, slap, punch and taunt his four year old brother, Bruiser.   On the other hand, Bruiser never misses the chance to charge at, slam into, body check or kick his older brother.  With all this said, these guys couldn’t love each other more. Bruiser has no wish stronger than his yearning to be exactly like his brother.   And with not an ounce less conviction, JJ will stop at nothing to protect and love his younger brother.

So back on point, overnight camp is a new phenomenon to our family.  My husband will definitely go through withdrawal and separation anxiety.  Hopefully, he will make it through the 4 week ordeal without permanent damage.  Pure excitement on JJ’s part….we would have expected some apprehension even now……..but NO, he is psyched!  I am pretty sure that he will be very nervous at first but after a few days, he will have the time of his life.

Bruiser will probably have as tough a time as my husband will.  It will be very interesting to see how it plays out.  The boys are constantly
interacting with each other, albeit 95% of the time they are fighting.  But in their very own special way…this is how they show each other they care.

So it is my gut that overnight camp will provide an opportunity for individual growth for both of our sons, all the boys (including my husband and dog) will go through moments of separation anxiety……and definitely will provide both my husband and me some time to regain our sanity.  Oh…wait I take that back……..I will be home with 4.5 year old twins 24/7….sanity will have to wait a few years until the twins are old enough to go
to overnight camp.

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