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SAHM with Twins……….Am I cut out for it?

Yes, I was one of those whose position was eliminated at the start of the economic meltdown.

Freaking out for the first 8 months, I frantically looked for a position.  Signing up for,,, updating linkedIn profile, meeting with former colleagues , attending networking events, taking webinars, connecting with those who know someone who knows someone,  you know the drill.  Sat there and worked out the numbers………I could work for $XX dollars albeit 40% less than I was making but it would pay for half day preschool for the twins, cost of a nanny/babysitter to handle the afternoons, dry cleaning, gas etc.  Ok….I came to grips with a lower salary now I just need to find an interesting position.

Ohh wait, what do I want to do?  I enjoyed some work I did in the non-profit sector….should I explore that?  Should I stick with what I know?  Go out on my own?  Go back to school?  Ok….I will stick with what I know.   I secure a few contract jobs that didn’t pay well but combined with unemployment insurance…we were ok.  Then unemployment ran out and contract jobs dried up.  Fast forward…2.5 years.   I never would have imagined that my efforts  would lead to only a handful of interviews.  “You are over qualified.” “The salary is too low for you….you won’t be happy.” “We don’t want someone to take the job and leave immediately once the economy recovers.”  “You don’t have enough social media experience.”   Not once did I hear………”the job is yours….wow we are fortunate to have someone with your experience!”  Falling into the category of long-term unemployed……..not a place I ever expected to be. 

Have I have lost my momentum and confidence?  Am I enjoying my time home with the kids?  Have I started to embrace the SAHM lifestyle spending my days at the gym, lunching with the ladies, getting weekly manicures and pedicures?  Hmmm….I don’t do any of that and don’t know any SAHM that have the time to do it either.   I am an ace chauffeur, barely competent cleaner, darn good negotiator (as long as it isn’t with a 4 yr. old—I always come short in those negotiations),  substandard accountant,  quite qualified scheduler,  entry level secretary, good cook, etc.    Ok….embraced it for 5 months.  I am done with the SAHM thing….I am just not wired for it.  I love my children…….but I am convinced that I am a better mom when I work outside the home.

Sent a resume out this morning….I am back in the job hunt for a senior Marketing / Program Management job.   Ok….probably won’t make what I made before….But that is ok.  I am great at what I do and I will find the perfect job.  My confidence is high and momentum back in swing.   

I am a great mom, wife, daughter, sister and friend.  I look forward to showing my next employer that I am a great marketer too!

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